Far Too Many Gems: People Go Nuts Over Cardi B’s Extra Sharp Nails

Date July 16, 2019

It's no secret that most of the trends are usually set by celebs. Sometimes they do it unconsciously, but sometimes, designers and fashion brands promote the latest clothing and accessories, giving them to celebrities first intentionally.

You've probably noticed that you tend to buy something new just by looking through the account of a particular celeb. Is it true for you?

Cardi B is the style idol of today's youth. Fans admire the singer’s beauty and overwhelm her with thousands of flattering comments. One of her most distinctive features is a bright “diamond” manicure.

Popular YouTube influencer Mi-Anne Chan decided to see what it is like to have manicure similar to Cardi B’s. She asked the singer’s technician to get the celeb’s signature nails and was pleased with the result. The unimaginable length was embellished with large stones.

If you visit the technician’s Instagram, you will see just how popular this type of manicure is.

Bright, shiny, and colorful nails are a pleasure to look at, but is it really convenient to lead everyday life with them?

Regardless of possible domestic issues, this manicure has racked up a lot of fans.

Would you dare do similar nails like the star? Or maybe you already had the experience of wearing such a manicure? Share your impressions in the comments.