Archive Video: See Meghan Markle Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

Date August 6, 2018

Meghan Markle, who joined the royal family two months ago, doesn’t cease to provide matter for discussion or speculation. Every step of the modern-day Cinderella is closely watched by millions of people around the world. Sharp dressers from different countries are eager to copy her trendy looks, and there are those who have a particular interest in her relationships with the relatives.


Meghan’s transformation into a duchess is a simply sensational story. Not so long ago she used to hit the red carpets and wear casual on other occasions.


During last few months her evolution of style has been in many people’s focus of attention. With her great sense of style and eagerness to master the royal protocol, Meghan has been well accepted in her new family, with her every outing being itself an ode to elegance.

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However, some of her true fans must be missing her previous more daring and vibrant looks.


Even though Meghan used to be a successful actress, an active user of social media and had her own blog, not so much is known about her life. Perhaps, that’s why any detail from those days causes a huge response in social networks.


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A few years back there was a popular trend called Ice Bucket Challenge, which involved millions of people worldwide. In fact it is still a thing. However, its purpose probably seems to be getting outshined by the spectacular ceremony, as not many people actually know what it is about. It’s not just another absurd trend, like planking or owling, its cause is to draw public attention to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And all the funds donated are used to finance the research.


It turns out one of the people who took the Ice Bucket Challenge was Meghan Markle! Her friend Rory McIlroy was the one to execute it. And the archive video of the prince’s wife is starting to get viral.

The full video, in which Meghan told about the cause, can be seen on The Daily Mail website.


Meghan’s active position has always been her trademark – the young lady has always stood by her beliefs, and will probably continue to.

What makes this video so precious is that it sheds light on the celebrity’s less known past, which has always been in high demand. 

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