"Ghost Writer" For The Duchess Of Sussex: Who Is Meghan's Personal Assistant And What Does She Do For The Royal?

Date July 6, 2018

Since Megan Markle had officially embarked on performing her royal duties a few months before her marriage to Prince Harry, a huge responsibility was laid on fragile shoulders of the former American actress. Even though the Duchess of Sussex is undergoing intensified training with Samantha Cohen, she is always accompanied by her personal assistant, Amy Pickerill. Who is she and what does she do for Meghan: let’s find out.

This 32-year-old girl had become Markle’s assistant three months before the wedding. Her main functions include compiling the duchess’ schedule, keeping her correspondence, holding briefings, accompanying the prince’s wife at all events, as well as providing steady advice on protocol and etiquette matters. In fact, for any violation of the rules Megan might admit, it is Amy who should be considered responsible, even though this is not entirely fair.

Her career began at the Treasury of Her Majesty where she worked as a specialist in communications with print media. After this, the girl worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland that she left for the sake of the large media agency RBS. After more than two years, Amy moved to the United States, where he collaborated with Ogilvy, but soon, she returned to the bank’s press service.

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In September 2016, Pickerill started working at the royal office – the girl was a senior communications specialist in the team of Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton. Having spotted the potential of a young expert, Prince Harry invited Amy to focus on work in his personal team, and a little later, he decided that she could be a good assistant for the future Duchess of Sussex.

It was not a coincidence, as Amy was perfectly oriented in a variety of nuances inside Megan’s public activity. Her obligations now include giving Meghan advice on behavior and reactions to certain situations.

In fact, Amy spends a lot of time with Megan. Considering the fact the duchess invited her assistant to the wedding, both women became quite close and, maybe, even friendly, which is also not surprising.


Pickerill’s peculiar work implies she sees two versions of the duchess: the official one, who appears in public, and the true one – an ordinary person in a private circle.


Her responsibilities will soon include coordinating meetings with world leaders and communicating with their offices.

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Nothing is yet known about Amy’s personal life. Considering the absence of the engagement ring on her finger, it is possible to assume that she is not married, but we hope that despite the responsible work, the girl has time for herself.


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