Royal Family Eating Habits: Different Tastes Within The Same Kitchen

Date July 20, 2018

When we think about the royal life in the palace, we imagine it a carefree and luxurious existence: beautiful interiors, expensive clothes, exquisite treats, which are served on a richly decorated table. In reality, everything is way simpler, as are the eating habits of the most popular monarchy in the modern world.

1. Queen Elizabeth


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At the age of 92, the Queen looks unbelievable and still works a lot. In many ways, this is because she consumes healthy food and eats in order to live, and not vice versa. Her diet consists mostly of steamed or grilled dishes, yogurts, and tea, without sugar or milk. She also enjoys fresh vegetables and fruit, grown on the territory of her estates. From time to time, she treats herself with some dark chocolate, which is her favorite dessert.

2. Prince Philip


As a former military man, the Queen’s husband is usually unpretentious about food. Chef Darren McGrady, who has worked for Her Majesty in 1983-1993, recalled that Prince Philip never minded having a snack, as well as eating meals, prepared for the palace staff.

3. Prince Charles

The Queen’s firstborn has become a fan of organic products before it turned mainstream. Prince Charles grows greens himself with pleasure, takes care of vegetables and fruit trees, which eventually end up on his table.

4. Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall


Prince Charles' wife shares his passion for gardening and a healthy diet. At the same time, the Duchess loves spicy food, including garlic, in contrast to Queen Elizabeth.

5. Princess Diana


The late princess completely changed her eating habits after dealing with bulimia. She was intensively engaged in sports, controlled carbohydrates consumption and excluded fat and harmful food from her diet. Her favorite dishes were stuffed peppers and eggplants.

6. Kate Middleton


Like any mother, Kate often cooks. To get in shape quickly, she eats protein-rich organic food, a lot of fresh vegetables, and fruit. At the same time, she does not deny herself in the pleasure of tasting new dishes, sometimes even exotic ones. Previously, she has been regularly treating herself with popcorn.

7. Prince William


Smart and athletic, the Duke of Cambridge is also unpretentious about food, although he used to enjoy eating junk food when he was a child. Once, he joked that it was due to his wife's culinary abilities that he looked so slender.

8. Meghan Markle


The Duchess of Sussex is a healthy lifestyle fan. She prefers simple food and is actively involved in sports. Warm water with lemon is what helps her in keeping a good shape. Meghan doesn’t refuse from snacks, but prefers wholesome products, such as almonds and fruits. To get in shape for an important event, she adheres to a vegetarian diet for a week. Then, she returns to her normal diet.

9. Prince Harry


Just like his older brother, Harry used to enjoy fast food (even at a more mature age). His eating habits were strongly influenced by Meghan’s way of life. Now, vegetables predominate in the prince’s menu. He began to monitor his health more thoroughly and started doing sports, following his wife's example.

Even though members of the British royal family try to give preference to healthy food, many of them have their small gastronomic weaknesses. At the same time, they prefer the clothes from democratic brands in everyday life and eat simple meals, like most of us.

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