10 Celebrity Personal Shots That Got Thousands Of Likes For Specific Reasons

Date April 24, 2019 17:03

Celebrities are people like everyone else and they also can't wait to share their joy, personal achievements, and moments of happiness with the people around them.

This year, many stars of showbiz have experienced quite a few significant events. Some celebs have become parents for the first time or met their true love, and others have reached their body goals.

We have picked for you 10 photographs from celebrities' social media, which caught the attention of a huge number of internet users and we can see why!

1. Kaley Cuoco, the star of the TV series "The Big Bang Theory," gets married


Публикация от @normancook

2. Anna Kournikova gives birth to twins, children of Enrique Iglesias

3. Actor Dwayne Johnson feeds his wife while she feeds their tiny daughter Tia


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4. Britney Spears stuns her fans with her slimmer figure

5. 43-year-old Eva Longoria becomes a mother for the first time

6. Plus-size model Ashley Graham isn't afraid of showing her unretouched pictures

7. Kylie Jenner shows her newborn daughter for the first time


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8. Jennifer Lopez enjoys her holiday in the company of her beloved Alex Rodriguez

9. Will Smith congratulates his son, Jaden, on his 20th birthday with an adorable childhood pic

10. Rihanna keeps promoting her own cosmetic line

Seems like for some celebrities, this year has been quite productive. All that's left to do is be happy for these celebrities and wish them new personal and career achievements, more reasons to smile, and more time to spend in their family circles!