23-Year-Old Model Married A Billionaire Twice Her Age Claiming It's Love And He's The Man Of Her Dreams

Date May 21, 2019

All the more girls dream not about a knight in shining armor, but about a mature and well-off man with life experience. And supermodels are no exception! 23-year-old Vita Sidorkina who took part in Victoria's Secret fashion show closing in 2015, a couple of years later married millionaire Valerio Morabito, the owner of a huge Italian construction company, who is also 20 years her senior.

It is not rare for high-profile businessmen to choose young and beautiful models who are used to leading a luxurious bohemian lifestyle as their life partners. As far as psychology is concerned, unequal marriages, where the man is much older, point to the fact that the girl was neglected by her father; she sees a father figure in her future husband and seeks protection.

While a 10-year age gap may be overlooked, the older the man is, the closer he is to the age of the girl's father, the more skeptical this marriage is viewed by society. Regardless of what anyone thinks, the couple had an amazing wedding on Amalfi Coast in Ravello, Italy. The bride wore a milky wedding dress of ethereal beauty from Zuhair Murad.

Vita says that she had been waiting for Valerio her whole life and he is the essence of her ideal man. It's difficult to doubt her sincerity, as the girl often shares warm family photos on social media along with love confessions for her husband.

Happy b-day my love❤️ thank you for all the love and joy you bring into our life!  We are so proud that you are ours😘 Forever yours V&A

By the way, in August last year, the couple announced that they were expecting an addition to the family.

At the end of last year, 25-year-old Vita and 45-year-old Valerio became happy parents of an adorable girl.

Rich people's whimsies or true love? The couple that decides to have an unequal marriage must be prepared for a measure of prejudice and misunderstanding. We will wish health and family happiness to these beautiful people!

How do you feel about marriages where the partners have an age gap, different social status or level of income?