Exhausted, Yet Happy: Tina Kunakey Appeared In Public Without Makeup For The First Time After Having A Baby

Date May 17, 2019

In April 2019, 22-year-old Tina Kunakey, Vincent Cassel's wife, gave birth to a daughter, Amazonie. It was the firstborn for the model, while the French actor already has two daughters from his marriage with Monica Bellucci.


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On May 14, Kunakey appeared in public for the first time since the birth of her baby. Paparazzi caught Tina walking down the Promenade de la Croisette not far from the place where the 72nd Cannes Film Festival is held.


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The young mother was wearing a loose floral print dress, with a nursing bra sticking out from underneath it, and black ankle boots. Along with that, Tina had not a drop of makeup on her face and her hair was put up in a usual tail.

Cassel's wife looked somewhat tired – apparently, because of the sleepless nights and caring for her baby girl – but she seemed clearly happy.

However, the very next day, Kunakey boldly showed off her postpartum body. On May 15, Tina walked down the red carpet of the film festival.

For this public appearance, the model picked a long black strapless dress, high-heeled shoes, and elegant jewelry.

No one could take their eyes off Kunakey's shining smile that day!

Notably, Tina got back in shape amazingly fast and can already boast her slim figure. All we can do is wish the young mom strength and willpower in the first, most difficult months of her and Vincent's parenthood!