How Enrique Iglesias' 18-Year-Old Twin Sisters Look Now

Date May 10, 2019 15:58

Devoted fans may know almost everything about their idols — which school they went to, their childhood hobbies, how many siblings they have. But not well-informed people might be surprised at some facts from stars' biographies, likely because they just haven't gone through the trouble of doing some research.

For instance, did you know that Enrique Iglesias has younger sisters who are, in addition to that, twins?


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18-year-old Victoria and Cristina have recently attended a social event. On May 6, the girls walked down the red carpet of the annual fancy-dress party Met Gala.

For this appearance, the Iglesias sisters picked identical evening dresses from the brand Oscar de la Renta, just in different colors. Victoria preferred a pink outfit, while Cristina opted for blue.


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It was impossible to take eyes off the girls at the ball. Although the sisters of the 43-year-old singer were a bit shy, they still gladly posed before cameras and talked to other guests.


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Despite having famous relatives, Cristina and Victoria had an ordinary childhood. They traveled a lot, partook in sports, and spent their time on hobbies.


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Speaking of sibling ties, we have previously told you about Jennifer Lopez's younger sister, Lynda. Though the two women are almost nothing alike, they have a very close bond and spend a lot of time together. 


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Victoria and Cristina have grown up to be true beauties! It's yet uncertain whether the girls will decide to engage themselves with showbiz, but we would definitely like to see them at social events more often.