Mini Shorts And Classy Shirt: 65-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Is Flashing Legs In New York

Date July 9, 2019 17:13

Christie Brinkley is definitely the kind of woman who is jokingly called a "witch." How else could you explain that at the age of 65, she looks so show-stopping?

You could never say that Christie is already in her sixties. Her face looks really very young and her figure is enviable even for young girls! Over a few decades, the model doesn't seem to have changed. Has she learned the secret to eternal youth?

Her first weekend in July, Christie spent in the Hamptons. She was smiley and radiant as always. The outfit Brinkley picked was a classy shirt and white mini shorts. This neat look she perfected with a hat and a bag.

It's clearly visible in many of the pictures that Christie is in great shape! Her legs are toned and there's not even the slightest hint of flabbiness or excess weight.

There's only one question: how? How does she manage to do it?

Christie has shared her beauty secrets many times. She works out – at home as well – follows a diet, and always remembers to smile. As always, true genius lies in simplicity!