New Appearance: Happy And Well-Rested Jolie Showed Legs In An Airy Dress

Date June 27, 2019

Recently, Angelina Jolie seriously freaked her fans out with the way she looked. When she arrived June 8, 2019, in Columbia to take part in making decisions about refugees' fate, she looked exhausted and worn out. Many fans even assumed that Jolie is suffering from a serious illness. Who knows, maybe the long flight and heat had their toll on her state?

New Appearance: Happy And Well-Rested Jolie Showed Legs In An Airy DressGetty Images / Ideal Image

2 weeks later, paparazzi caught the actress out on a stroll with her daughter Vivienne. Mom and daughter (surprisingly!) looked very carefree and happy. It seems like they were having a great time!


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Angelina put on a long loose white tunic. Although she was trying to hide how thin she is with an oversized dress, Jolie's really, really lean legs were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Her sharp collar bones only add to the impression that she's suffering from severe malnutrition, but there are definitely noticeable changes in her mood.


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The most important thing is that, judging by the pictures, they had a wonderful time and experienced a lot of positive emotions.


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Let's hope that Jolie's health problems are a thing of the past and that we will soon see our good old Angie, happy and well-rested!