Not Flawless: Halle Berry Flashed Her Thigh Cellulite In Mini Shorts

Date May 21, 2019 09:51

Many of us see celebrities as role models and virtually ideal in beauty. However, the stars are normal people, like us, and they also have their own imperfections. Moreover, some of them don't even try to hide them.

The premiere of the third part of the action movie John Wick took place on May 15 in Hollywood where all main actors gathered. 52-year-old Halle Berry couldn't miss this event as she was one of the lead actors in the movie.

For her public appearance, the actress picked quite a bold look – a black leather suit with a deep cleavage from the brand Teresa Helbig. The finishing touch of the look was the delicate high-heeled open-toe shoes.

Halle gladly posed before the cameras and showed off her outfit. For a few snaps, the star turned her back to the photographers and gave a look of her hairstyle with the shaven back of her head.

However, another detail caught the paparazzi's eye - cellulite on Berry's thighs.

Despite this insignificant nicety, Halle was acting very confident and footloose.

Well, the star isn't perfect and she, like most women, also has cellulite. But it doesn't spoil her beauty and her slim feminine figure in any way. Do you agree?