Not Worse Than Her Daughter's: Kim Kardashian's Mom Flaunts Her Ample Figure

Date July 15, 2019

63-year-old Kris Jenner has become successful because of her charming appearance and remarkable organizing skills. Along with this, she has helped her children to make it into the world of showbiz. Some people gradually retire with age, but not this woman. It seems like she's got enough energy to go on like this for at least a hundred more years. And she looks gorgeous!

Kris Jenner

Apart from her job and growing her daughters' popularity, Kris doesn't forget to take care of herself. Every morning she starts with exercising and a cup of coffee. The celebrity's choice fell on Pilates, which helps her keep fit. She follows a strict diet, but also allows herself some treats on rare occasions.

The famous mother-of-six is in excellent shape. Paparazzi captured Kris wearing a skin-tight jumpsuit. Now it's clear who her curvy daughters take after!

Her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, must adore her! By the way, he is 25 younger than her!

Carol Vorderman

You can look good when you're older. Kris Jenner proves that. But we have prepared another example for you. Carol Vorderman is a writer whose derrière is enviable even for Kim Kardashian!

Do you still have any excuses?

Does Kris Jenner inspire you? Many of us should follow her lead!