Rare Sight! How Charlie Chaplin Looked Without His Signature Mustache, Makeup, And Bowler Hat

Date April 25, 2019

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin lived a very full life and is considered to be a significant historical figure of 20th-century cinematography. He made an enormous contribution to the development of silent films and, apart from being a first-class actor and comedian, he was a director, composer, and musician.

We remember him as a short man with bright makeup, clown-like mustache, walking cane, and a bowler hat, so not everyone knows what this amazing actor really looked like.


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There was a man of mind-boggling beauty hiding behind all these acting attributes. Average facial symmetry, with a piercing, slightly sad look – that's what Chaplin looked like to his close ones. 


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It's amazing, but his acting career started back at the end of the 19th century. Then little Charlie appeared on stage of British music halls. After having tried himself on stage once, he couldn't stop anymore and his career collectively lasted for 75 years.


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Sir Chaplin's most renowned character is the role of a vagabond. What's curious is that it was born virtually straight off. The actor simply dressed in overly wide trousers, huge shoes, frock coat, and a bowler hat, and took a walking cane. Needless to say that this is the way Chaplin is remembered by millions of viewers.


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Charlie Chaplin is a unique phenomenon that we are lucky enough to witness in our days as well. Having burst into the film industry in tough times for the world (First World War and The Great Depression), he managed to bring people at least a tiny bit of joy, laughter, and happiness. He was a man amongst men who left his mark in the history of humanity for good!