Rebel To Family Man: How Robert Downey, Jr.'s Wife Turned His Life Around

Date June 5, 2019

Love has great power. It can both cause you a lot of troubles (if your feelings aren't mutual, for example) and change your life for the better.

Bad name

Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife Susan have one of the most lasting and strong relationships in Hollywood. Before meeting his better half, the star had been the owner of quite a bad reputation.

In 1982, Robert quit school and moved to New York. At the dawn of his acting career, Downey, Jr. got addicted to banned drugs. The young rebellious actor often went on a binge, which was succeeded by problems with law and police records. Robert's behavior led to him spending almost a year in jail.

The actor had been trying to fight his addiction for a long time, but he lacked willpower to overcome it once and for all.

Extremes meet

In 2003, on the set of crime thriller Gothika, Robert met Susan Levin, the film's producer. The actor instantly developed a crush on her, while she saw Downey Jr. only as a friend for a long time.

Susan only agreed to go on a date with Robert on his third try. The same year, the actor finally managed to get done with his addiction for good.

New life

After two years of being in a relationship, the couple got married. Although Downey Jr. and Levin are polar opposites, they complete and balance each other perfectly.

After getting married to Susan, Robert changed beyond recognition. He became responsible, composed, committed to his sobriety, and had two children.


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His acting career was also on the rise, acting in many successful and popular movies, including film series Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man.


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What an important role spouses can play in each other's lives. We can only wish Robert and Susan new interesting film projects and personal happiness!