Sweats And Stilettos: Rihanna Upset Fans With Her Cheesy Outfit At JFK Airport

Date June 25, 2019

Rihanna is still the main focus of attention for journalists because she has a knack for picking cheesy outfits. The other day, the singer was seen at JFK Airport wearing an utterly colorless tracksuit with pointed toe heels of "wet asphalt" color. By the way, it's not the first time that the celebrity attempts to combine absolutely ridiculous sweatpants and heels.


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Despite her love for eccentric outfits, the singer is regularly listed as one of the most stylish and popular stars, an icon of the youth. In her everyday life, the girl usually opts for an oversized hoodie, messy locks, and street casual style. And this look is not an exception, but this time the fashion diva made a huge mistake.

Large earrings combined with flamboyant court shoes by Manolo Blahnik on chiseled heels, along with overstretched pale-grey sweatpants. Epic fail!



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Famous fashion houses like Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc. try to rock this combination in their collections, but it's pretty hard to wear this outfit and look cool and original: they often pick the wrong size of the heel or combine fabrics and accessories in a weird way. Just look at Noah Cyrus in this look!

Sweats And Stilettos: Rihanna Upset Fans With Her Cheesy Outfit At JFK AirportGetty Images / Ideal Image

Would you pick this outfit for your everyday life or trips?