Tights Spoiled Everything! Mariah Carey Wore An Exquisite Dress, But She Didn't Consider One Detail

Date April 1, 2019

In October 2017, Mariah Carey made a decision to get a tummy tuck. Despite the fact that the singer's shape still falls into the category of "curvy," she doesn't seem to be ashamed of her body at all, recurrently appearing in public wearing revealing dresses.


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On 25th March, Mariah was seen at a Japanese restaurant with her friends after one of her concerts.


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The star was wearing a black mini dress with a spangle ornament and deep cleavage. The bright look was topped with large hoop earrings and open-toe shoes.

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Carey's overall look was stylish and exquisite, but nylon tights clearly spoilt her look. This clothing detail was significantly different in color from Mariah's tanned skin, making her legs look way too pale.


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By the way, media and internet users constantly seek out flaws in celebrities' looks. For instance, earlier Mila Kunis's outfit came under criticism. Fans noticed that the strapless jumpsuit with the flowing bottom from Johanna Ortiz looked messy on the actress and just spoilt her figure.


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Needless to say that the stars' outfits from the Oscars red carpet events are severely scrutinized.

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How do you like Mariah Carey's outfit? Do you agree that the tights completely ruined the overall bright and unusual look? Share your opinion in the comments!

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