Victoria Beckham "Caught" With Another Man. Who Else Can Bring Out The Ex-Spice's Smile?

Date May 21, 2019

The relationship between David and Victoria Beckham has been bothering the fans of the famous couple, as well as many experts, for years. The latter have analyzed the spouses' body language and have made assumptions about possible problems in their marriage. The star of world football is a slender handsome man who has been surrounded by rumors about his relationships with many women. But Victoria has always denied all the gossip, proving how strong their relationship is with the birth of their children.

Nonetheless, recently, the couple has been seen in public together as much as before. Another reason for rumors to appear was that Victoria was caught in the company of another man in May 2019. The mother-of-four was photographed when she was leaving one of the New York restaurants accompanied by Derek Blasberg. What's also curious is that Vicky, who has always been shy to smile, seemed to have forgotten about it completely. Judging by the photo, the couple was having a really good time. Victoria was gently holding her companion by the arm and smiling joyously. Who is he and what is his relationship with the ex-Spice?

Derek was born on April 22, 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri, into the family of an accountant and an editor for a popular medical journal. Seems like he had been dreaming of taking over New York since early childhood and he did. He came to the city a young 18-year-old boy where he got his degree in dramatic literature and journalism.


Happy birthday my dear friend @derekblasberg x Kisses VB

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Back in his college years, Blasberg got a part-time job in a modeling agency. This defined the main direction for his future career development. Today, Derek is a writer and presenter, as well as quite an important person in the fashion industry. He worked in such projects as CNN Style, web-series Vanity Fair, and in 2018, he was the head of fashion and beauty partnerships at YouTube.

Apart from this, the young man has written 3 books, as well as acted in movies and on television. As a fashion consultant, he has collaborated with such world-class brands as Chanel and MAC Cosmetics, helping them to develop their creative projects.

Thanks to his easy-going character and good manners, the creative young man quickly became one of the elite who are most-welcomed to luxurious private parties of high society. By the way, these are the qualities of human personality that became the base for one of his books, Classy, wherein Derek gives a detailed description of how you can become a part of this upper crust.

It comes as no surprise that everyone knows Blasberg. He has been seen together with Karlie Kloss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, and other celebrities numerous times. So what connection does he have to Victoria Beckham and should David be worried about it?

In his new position at YouTube, Derek had to establish connections with people directly involved in the world of fashion and beauty, including popular bloggers. As for David, he has nothing to worry about as Vicky and Blasberg are just friends. The young man has been in a serious relationship with his partner, Nick Brown, for quite a while.

We don't know how exactly Derek managed to make ever-serious Victoria have such a good laugh. But it was nice to see her smile for a change, wasn't it?