Stars' Priciest Engagement Rings: They Account For Millions!

Date March 15, 2019 17:24

Many of us place great value on the engagement ring considering it a symbol of love and loyalty to your partner. There are quite a few mysteries, prejudices, and superstitions connected to it.

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We have recently figured out together why you shouldn't take off this accessory if you're married.

Today, we would like to offer you to recall celebrities' most expensive engagement rings. Which of them cost a fortune?

Stars' most expensive engagement rings

Megan Fox — $80,000

Gisele Bündchen — $145,000


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Kate Hudson — $200,000

Kate Middleton — approximately $500,000

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Kim Kardashian — $2,000,000

Melania Trump — $3,000,000

Paris Hilton — $4,700,000

Beyoncé — $5,000,000

Mariah Carey — $10,000,000


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Judging by the fact that many stars who have been given such expensive rings have separated with their husbands, no money can guarantee you a strong marriage and eternal love.

Has any of these accessories appealed to you? Do you give a lot of meaning to engagement rings and their price? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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