37-Year-Old Supermodel And Mother Of 5 Easily Outshines Her Younger Colleagues!

Date March 14, 2019 11:39

Now, Natalia Vodianova is a world-famous top model, philanthropist, happy wife, and mother of 5. The 37-year-old has been tremendously successful in the modeling business and in helping children through the Naked Heart Foundation. For 10 years she’s been the face of the brand Guerlain.

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Among other things, the tenacious beauty is famous for her never-aging figure.

Natalia was born into an average family. Her mother had to work hard to feed her three daughters, one of whom had serious health problems. Natalia started helping her mother early until at the age of 16 when she stepped into a modeling agency.

There, she was noticed by model scouts and offered a job abroad. Success, fame, and recognition were waiting for her.

Currently, Natalia Vodianova focuses on her family and charity. She is a rare guest on the runway. She is more often seen as a goodwill ambassador at global events, such as the Soccer World Cup.

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The life of the ex-supermodel is very, very dynamic. Her day is scheduled to the minute. And considering this, Vodianova always looks terrific. What is the secret to her beauty? Natalia does not hide the fact that much depends on genes and attitude:

Beauty is a whole philosophy. It is not about your makeup. It's rather about how you feel, what you think, what you do, what you aspire for, and what choices you make.

She pays a great deal of attention to nutrition, keeping a special diet.

She enjoys physical activity and finds time for swimming, yoga, and her new craze – dancing.

Natalia has favorite facial care products and prefers subtle makeup.

She spends a lot of time on hair care, entrusting it to high-level professionals.

The success of the supermodel and mom is made up of everyday steps towards her goals. This is how she fulfills her purpose in life.

Do you like the subtle beauty of Natalia Vodianova?

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