6 Taboos People Are Not Likely To Forgive Their Country’s First Lady

Date May 6, 2019 18:06

Unlike the president, people don’t elect the First Lady. That’s why presidential candidates should count in the factor of their better halves. In this regard, Donald Trump, the husband of the beautiful Slovene, has no grounds for complaining. Many consider her an example to follow, at least in terms of style. Let us remind you that the wife of the US president has a range of duties, so rest assured, she’s not twiddling her thumbs.

6 Taboos People Are Not Likely To Forgive Their Country’s First LadyGetty Images / Ideal Image

And no matter how beautiful she is, there are things even the first lady can’t get away with. Let’s talk about six main unpardonable sins of a president's wife.

Sin 1 – Love for luxury

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No doubt, the first lady has to look perfect, but it doesn’t mean that she must wear only the most expensive brands. She can't thoughtlessly fly around the world every weekend, wasting tax payers’ money. People want to see that the leaders of the country know how to properly manage money and how to be sparing.

Sin 2 – Taste for power

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Let us stop you right there – it’s not gender discrimination. There are roles and protocols. The first lady has her share of responsibilities too – she can be organizing public holidays, conducting charitable and social events, attending and hosting meetings with representatives of other countries with her husband. Why should she get involved in her husband’s business as well? This can be considered a sign of bad taste.

Sin 3 – Lack of initiative

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A direct opposite of the previous sin. She should stay away from the president’s affairs, but she has to handle hers willingly and responsibly. The first lady should demonstrate in every way that she genuinely cares about her people. For example, Melania Trump actively helps children who suffer from bullying and other problems.

Sin 4 – Lack of good style

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The first lady has to be elegant. Moreover, she should be an example to follow. Being such a well-known person, it is difficult to avoid criticism, so neither people with taste nor the media will go easy on any slightest mistake. The first lady should develop her style and always look elegant and refined.

Sin 5 – Excessive love for fashion

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Quite unexpected, isn’t it? This sin is kind of a relative of the first one on this list. When people see the first lady showcase luxurious dresses one after another, they begin wondering who paid for all that splendor. Another factor is that when the woman demonstrates impeccable style day after day, critics start looking for flaws even more scrupulously, and blow even the tiniest one out of proportion!

Sin 6 – Shady past

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Let us now return to Melania Trump who is the current First Lady of the United States. In the past, she posed for a nude photo shoot for GQ magazine. Of course, Melania used to be a model, but who is going to listen to that? All that evil tongues need is a reason to condemn a famous person. The cleaner the first lady’s past, the better it is for everybody. But as they say: he who seeks, finds.

At first glance, it may seem that the position of the first lady is too demanding, but knowing these “sins,” she can perfectly protect herself in time. In any case, it is always best to remain a confident woman.