62-Year-Old Actress Who Used To Be Famous In Her Youth, Showed How Amazing She Looks In A Bodysuit

Date June 5, 2019

The TV series Escrava Isaura (Slave Isaura) had viewers glued to the screen in the late 1970s. This soap opera would make its fans’ hearts beat faster and worry incessantly about the fate of its characters.


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For many people, the main character, slave Isaura, and by extension the actress who played the role, then 19-year-old Lucélia Santos, became almost like a family member. Although several decades have passed, it turns out she is still remembered by many viewers.

Now the actress is 62. She lives in Rio de Janeiro. She hasn’t again played a role as big as that of Isaura, but she still enjoys acting.

Ms. Santos is currently engaged in a new poetic theater project. In her Instagram account, Lucélia posted a photo from rehearsals and pleased the fans with her gorgeous figure and courage – not every woman of 62 years of age is ready to pose in a bodysuit.

The actress doesn’t hide the secret of her youthful looks: she is a vegetarian, has developed her own diet, and practices jogging and yoga. And perhaps most importantly – she has a positive attitude toward life.

Did you recognize the protagonist of the popular TV series in this cheerful woman?