Brunette To Cheeky Blonde: The Star Of TV Series "The Clone" Has Changed Beyond Recognition

Date June 4, 2019 17:39

O Clone (The Clone) is definitely one of the most exciting and successful series of the 2000s. Millions of viewers around the world were charmed by its oriental flavor.


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It made many actors and actresses incredibly famous, including Giovanna Antonelli, the leading actor who portrayed Jade.


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The series premiered almost 18 years ago. During this time, all the cast members have changed a lot. The audience remembers Antonelli as a gorgeous brunette, but she's since been experimenting with her appearance.


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In May 2019, Giovanna surprised her fans with a change of image again. Her recent Instagram photos show the actress in a much-unexpected image.


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Antonelli cut her hair short and dyed it blonde. And how about those daring outfits?


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In one photo, the star poses in a spiked leather jacket, and in the other – in leggings with a complex print and a transparent mesh top.


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Fans of the actress were delighted with such an experiment. By the way, earlier, another iconic brunette, Monica Bellucci, has tried on the blonde image. Her fans also appreciated the change and noted that she looks younger this way.


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We can’t but wonder, which other celebrities will go blonde?

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