Donald Trump's 25-Year-Old Daughter Is Slim On Social Media But Chunky In Real Life!

Date June 5, 2019 10:30

It’s hardly a surprise that many people show a somewhat unreal and refined version of themselves or their life on social media. If you want, you can appear to be beautiful, smart, fun or successful. All it takes is to take a bunch of correct photos, retouch them, and add text. Unfortunately, when you meet such people in real life, you can be very disappointed!

Let’s take Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany, for example. She posts photos where she appears to be as slim as a willow with impeccable styling and makeup.

But some unprepared shots made by paparazzi show how the girl really looks.

Here is Tiffany's photo on social networks.

And here is a candid pic.

Next to her is her boyfriend Michael Boulos.

She started a modeling career. She even took part in Fashion Week. Then the girl admitted that her passion was music. But we haven’t had a chance to evaluate her talent in this sphere for the time being.

Do you think it’s okay to deceive your subscribers like that? Tiffany has 1 million of them! Or is it exactly how social media works? Share your opinion in the comments!