Donatella Versace Is 64: The Fashion Legend’s Momentous Style Throughout The Years

There are myriads of famous and influential women. Among them, those who are involved in the fashion industry or create iconic gowns enjoy heightened public interest. However, only few become legends. One of them, Donatella Versace, turned 64 on May 2, 2019. What is most striking is that the main features of her public image haven’t changed for decades and are still relevant. What is the secret of this mysterious woman?

The icon of style was born in 1955 into a wealthy Italian family and was the youngest of 4 children. In the mid-1970s, she decided to devote herself to the fashion industry, as did her older brother, Gianni.


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The girl was supposed to take on public relations and promotion of the “family brand,” but her sense of style and ability to correctly critique turned out to be much more valuable. In a short time, she became Gianni’s main muse, which she remained until the death of the legendary fashion designer in 1997. 1 year and 3 days after the terrible loss, Donatella presented her debut collection to the world and proved that her genius is not inferior to that of her brother.

In 2000, Versace divorced her long-term partner, American model Paul Beck, from whom she had daughter Allegra and son Daniel. The designer’s personal life mostly remains a secret, despite her frequent appearances on the most prominent red carpets and runways of the world.

Looking at the photo of this influential woman, it seems that her style remained unchanged, which is evidently not the case with the designer’s appearance. Versace didn’t try to hide the fact that she resorted to the services of beauty surgeons.


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Kitsch, gloss, and blond have always been her business cards, even in her 7th decade.


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By the way, the designer has stayed true to her trademark hair shade since adolescence. She became a blonde at the insistence of Gianni, who idolized singer Patty Pravo.

Donatella has made numerous cameo appearances on the big screen and her name has been mentioned in a number of fashion-related movies. She has taken part in the filming of advertising campaigns. Versace's parties for the highest society and bohemia are luxurious events, which many dream of attending but only a select few actually attend. By the way, Prince Charles and Lady Gaga are among the lucky ones.

Gold and diamond glitter, sometimes accompanied by saturated colors, is almost an essential attribute of Donatella's evening gowns.


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Her love for white and red palette has never faded, although lately, she apparently added strict black to the list of her absolute favorites.

Versace has always had a talent for creating good prints. She boldly introduced them in her collections, and later, in luxurious interior design, furniture, and textilea under the brand Versace.


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Donatella Versace has received countless prestigious awards, done charity work, and created trends  – all while staying true to her own taste. Perhaps that is the secret to her signature style and popularity, don’t you think?