Extra Weight And Shapeless Lips: Lindsay Lohan, 32, Looks The Same Age As Her 56-Year-Old Mother

Date March 28, 2019 12:37

Every now and then, the name of Lindsay Lohan pops up in the headlines and social media. Alas, not for the reason of her successes or new movie roles, but for her looks and infamous antics.

It's no secret that Lindsay has long been fond of plastic surgery and beauty shots. Even her devoted fans believe that the actress herself has ruined both her career and her appearance.

It turns out that Lohan is outshined not only by her former self, but also by her mother who is 24 years her senior.


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On joint photos with Dina, Lindsay looks almost her age – the face and figure of the star look, perhaps, even worse than her 56-year-old mother’s.


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As is known, the actress is currently struggling with destructive addictions and is trying to pick up the threads of her old life by paying more attention to herself and her outlets. However, the alcohol and illicit drugs addictions have left their imprint.


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Due to numerous injections, Lindsay's lips have lost a clear contour.

Unlike her stellar daughter, Dina’s beauty enhancements are barely noticeable – the woman looks young and fresh.

Extra Weight And Shapeless Lips: Lindsay Lohan, 32, Looks The Same Age As Her 56-Year-Old MotherGetty Images / Ideal Image

It is a pity that even with such a good example of her mother, Lindsay has lost her vivid, one-of-a-kind appearance.


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And what do you think about the younger Lohan’s looks compared to now? Share your opinion in the comments!

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