Jessica Simpson Was Hospitalized For The 4th Time In 2 Months During Pregnancy. Is The Baby Okay?


March 11, 2019 16:10 By Fabiosa

Pregnancy is an exciting period in the life of every mother-to-be. On the one hand, women can’t wait to hold their babies in their arms, but on the other hand, many struggle with toxicosis and have numerous concerns about possible risks. Scientists have established that pregnancy at age 35 influences the body in a slightly different way than at a younger age, and the famous actress and singer Jessica Simpson seems to have become more proof of that.

On social networks, the 38-year-old star shares interesting situations that many mothers are so well familiar with. It should also be mentioned that Jessica is one of those women who is not afraid to appear ridiculous or awkward – she takes everything with a smile and a dash of humor, for which she deserves some credit.

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So, recently, Simpson has posted a rather unusual warning in her Instagram. In the photo, she appeared holding a toilet lid in her hands and advised her subscribers not to lean on it during pregnancy. Although this recommendation might seem funny, it is actually quite practical, since apparently, it's better not to underestimate one's displaced center of gravity and the additional weight.

More than 100,000 people reacted to another one of Jessica’s posts. The owner of a quite impressive baby bump shared a photograph of a swollen foot. Many women face such side effects of pregnancy. It is noteworthy that some of her subscribers shared their proven ways of reducing swelling. Isn't it nice of them?

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A little later, Simpson upset and even scared her fans by sharing that she had been hospitalized for the fourth time in just two months. The expectant mother suffered from bronchitis, which in her condition is not only unpleasant but also quite dangerous. Jessica hurried to reassure her subscribers that her baby was fine. Fortunately, the star has already returned home, and we hope that she will stay away from the hospital until the time of birth.

Simpson is an experienced mother. Together with her husband, Eric Johnson, the star is raising daughter Drew Maxwell and son Ace Knute. The third pregnancy of the actress was announced in September 2018, and if you believe web rumors, it is going to be a girl.

Not every expectant mother treats pregnancy with such ease and humor. It seems to us that Jessica’s example can serve as an inspiration for many other women, don't you think?

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