Peter Dinklage: How Despite Dwarfism He Became A Star, Happy Husband, And Father Of “Normal” Children

Date May 6, 2019

Nowadays, meeting the standards of beauty is not the only factor for potential success. There are many actors and models with rather unusual parameters who are still loved by millions. How long will modern society consider them “different,” despite the fact that many of them are much more talented and promising than their “normal” colleagues?

The name of Peter Dinklage is familiar to millions of people thanks to his role in one of the most popular TV series Game of Thrones. Millions of people followed the transformation of Tyrion Lannister from a roué, mindlessly burning his life at both ends, to a great strategic thinker and one of the most dangerous “southerners.” The actor who portrayed him became a world-scale star, but few know he got there.

Since childhood, Peter understood that in order to succeed, one needed to break stereotypes and not settle for handouts. In middle school, he was already the life and soul of the party and chose acting as his vocation after having had brilliantly played the lead role in the production of Velveteen Rabbit. By the time he graduated from Bennington College in 1991, he had frequented the theatrical stage.

After moving to New York, he worked for a data processing company for about 6 years and refused the roles usually offered to actors with dwarfism. If it wasn’t for this, Dinklage probably would have still been playing elves or gnomes.

The film The Station Agent became Peter’s breakthrough. After the picture was released, the actor started getting invitations to work with such well-known co-stars as Gary Oldman, Vin Diesel, Matthew McConaughey, and others. The success of Game of Thrones largely predetermined Dinklage’s future. It would be interesting to hear from one of his former employers who once refused the actor!

Tyrion became a collective image of the characters Dinklage likes to play. Usually, actors with dwarfism get somewhat comical or fairytale-type roles. The youngest Lannister was wise, romantic, wicked, and distinguished by unconventional thinking and courage.


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Peter Dinklage is quite well-off: according to some information, he is currently worth $15 million, and, apparently, this is not the limit. Perhaps wealth could become a convincing argument for girls who had not, for various reasons, considered the possibility of a relationship with Peter, but they were all too late.

In 2005, Dinklage married theater director Erica Schmidt.

In 2011, the couple had a daughter, and in 2017, another child (whose gender, like the names of both children, have not been disclosed). Unlike Peter and his charming wife, who regularly appear in public, pictures of their kids are very rare.

By the way, it is less likely for achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism) to be passed on to a child than for it to develop as a result of a combination of other, non-hereditary factors.

It is probably the ability to say “no” and staying true to his dream that allowed Dinklage to achieve recognition and success in the long run. Many people admire his example. And which celebrity with a non-standard appearance inspires you?