Pink Fan Gave Birth At The Concert And Named The Baby After The Singer

Date July 4, 2019

Celebrities’ concerts are a common place for various mishaps to occur. Sometimes barenaked fans get on the stage, sometimes bottles are thrown at the performer, and sometimes the artists get sick during the show.

And then there are times that something really amazing happens. That is exactly what popular singer Pink experienced.

On June 25, 2019, the star gave a concert at Enfield Stadium in Liverpool (UK), which one of her devoted fans, 32-year-old Denise Jones, just could not miss despite being 9 months pregnant.

As soon as Pink took to the stage, Denise felt that her water broke. The woman was quickly taken away, and in a few minutes, the paramedics delivered her baby girl.

It all happened so fast that Pink hadn’t even finished her first song.

According to the relatives of the new mother, Denise and her daughter are doing well – thanks to the paramedics who helped her in time.

The parents initially planned to name the child Dolly Louise, but the incident at the concert changed their plans. She was named Dolly Pink.

By the way, the artist mentioned the amazing occurrence on Instagram herself.

Dolly Pink wanted to get the party started!

– she captioned her post.

There is no better gift for the devoted fan. Perhaps, in a couple of years, Denise will take her daughter to Pink’s concert – this time properly!