6 Celebrities Who Suffer From Chronic Diseases

Date April 11, 2019 12:45

When we admire famous actors, singers, we don’t usually think about their health. We just enjoy talented performances and applaud. But how do they actually feel?

Even the most famous and rich aren’t immune to diseases

Stars are only flesh and blood just like anyone else, so, unfortunately, they aren’t immune to diseases. There are stars who suffer from incurable medical conditions. Even their staggering fortunes and cutting-edge medicine sometimes cannot save them from ailments, only relieving the symptoms for a while.

Kim Kardashian

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The notorious reality show participant suffers from psoriasis. She hides red spots and uneven skin under a fake tan for photo shoots.

Lady Gaga


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The global star has long been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, which manifests itself in chronic fatigue, sudden changes in body temperature, and muscle pain.

Selena Gomez

The actress publicly confirmed her diagnosis – Lupus – in 2015. She had already undergone chemotherapy. Once, she even had to interrupt a world tour due to her worsening condition.

Michael J. Fox

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The actor was diagnosed with Parkinson's surprisingly early – at the age of 29. Despite the progression of the disease, he manages to maintain his body in a relatively normal state with the help of drugs.

Halle Berry

The actress has had diabetes since age 22. She still has a habit of regularly monitoring her blood sugar level.

Bella Hadid

In her teens, the future supermodel learned the hardships of Lyme disease, which she is struggling with to this day.

We would like to wish these well-known and admired people good health and perseverance so that they can keep on delighting us with their talents!

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