Beautiful But Unhappy Couple: Why Didn’t Gary Oldman And Uma Thurman’s Marriage Work Out?

Date April 12, 2019

Now, hundreds of celebrities are happy in marriages or relationships, proving that there is nothing impossible about starting from scratch and finding true harmony at the age of 40 or 50. However, for many of them, their current partner hasn’t been the first love. Some called off the wedding, as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck did. Others broke up within a few years of marriage, like Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere. And yet others like Tina Turner suffered for years.


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In the early 90s, Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman were considered one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples. But their union lasted only a few short years. What went wrong?

Beautiful But Unhappy Couple: Why Didn’t Gary Oldman And Uma Thurman’s Marriage Work Out?Getty Images / Ideal Image

While Gary Oldman’s talent is undeniable, the actor’s scandalous personal life has always undermined his reputation. He first married in 1987 British actress Lesley Manville. Although he was almost 30, the actor was clearly not ready to settle down. During this short-lived marriage, he had a drinking problem, which by the way didn’t prevent him from working: Oldman kept perfect control of himself and was believed to have a phenomenal memory. Although Gary loved his new family, he didn’t become a good parent: Manville filed for divorce.

Oldman started building a relationship with his second wife, promising young actress Uma Thurman, in 1990. Sean Penn was believed to have facilitated their meeting which turned out to be love at first sight. She was 12 years younger, but neither this nor Oldman’s addiction stopped the couple from getting married in October of the same year.

His second marriage was not reason enough to settle down either. Hollywood was abuzz with rumors about the actor’s constant problems with the law. Uma loved her husband, monitored his diet, and tried to persuade him to lead a healthier lifestyle. Gary, in his turn, wanted her to accept him as he was with all his vices.

This marriage coincided with some decline in Uma’s career. The attractive young actress carefully selected her roles, seeking to earn respect for her acting talent, rather than looks. Yet, making the relationship with her husband work took a lot of time and effort.

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In two years, the marriage fell apart and neither of the former spouses ever opened up about the reasons for the break. It was rumored that Uma had left Gary via a letter pointing out that he was impossible to live with, and that he insisted on divorce himself, not wanting to ruin his young wife’s life.

Perhaps Thurman considered her first hasty marriage a mistake. But her later relationship was more fortunate and gave her three wonderful children.

Beautiful But Unhappy Couple: Why Didn’t Gary Oldman And Uma Thurman’s Marriage Work Out?Getty Images / Ideal Image

Gary has changed too, although his third spouse, Donya Fiorentino, accused him of ruining her life and taking away her two sons (the father got full custody of the boys, Gulliver and Charlie, born in 1997 and 1999). After that, the actor managed to break free of his addiction, got married twice, and achieved well-deserved recognition in the world of cinema.

Today, few people remember old scandals associated with Oldman’s name as well as his marriage to Thurman. Still, they were a beautiful couple, weren’t they?

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