Hollywood’s Strangest Love Story: Nicolas Cage And Patricia Arquette

Date April 12, 2019 11:33

There have been lots of beautiful and memorable couples in Hollywood that ended as unexpectedly as they appeared. You may remember Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, as well as many others.

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Tall, handsome, and extremely talented actor Nicolas Cage has always been an object of women’s fantasies. However, some of his choices have been rather questionable, such as marriage to a Korean waitress Alice Kim. But there was a woman in his life that many fans of the actor considered almost perfect for him.

Cage met young and promising actress Patricia Arquette back in the 80s. Since then, their relationship couldn’t be less ordinary. Accompanied by his friend, Crispin Glover, Nicholas wandered into a grocery store where he ran across beautiful Patricia. Both men smothered the girl with compliments and even claimed that they were going to marry her.

Apparently, it was merely a joke for Glover, but not for Cage. He offered Arquette to make a list of the most inconceivable gifts that she would like to get from him as a sign of the seriousness of his intentions. Patricia accepted the terms of the game and ordered a black orchid, J. D. Salinger’s signature, a wedding dress of one of the least hospitable tribes, and some more items that were hardly obtainable.

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To her surprise, Cage managed to bring her many items from the list. Having failed to find a black orchid, he took a purple one to her house and spray-painted it black right in front of her. He gave her the black orchid and left without saying a word. Getting Salinger’s signature was much more challenging since the writer hardly ever signed anything. However, with the help of his manager, Cage managed to purchase one of his letters. In the end, Arquette finally agreed to go on a date with him.

The fairytale didn’t last long. After a while, in the mid-80s, a temper-tantrum thrown by Cage at an airport put an end to their relationship and spoiled their joint trip to Cuba.

In about 10 years, Arquette and Cage bumped into each other in the same store where they met once in 1995. A few weeks later, they became a lawful husband and wife in a secret ceremony.

Although the couple regularly stepped out together, a year into their marriage the spouses were rumored to have started living separately, just maintaining the appearance of a family. It is not known for certain, but their split was officially announced only in 2000. In an interview, Arquette recalled that she and her husband did live apart for some time, but it was connected to their careers and some personal circumstances.

Although this marriage didn’t work out, their love story still remains one of the strangest and mysterious. Have you had a similar unusual experience? Please share your memories with us!

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