Tilda Swinton Stepped Out With Her 21-Year-Old Daughter For The 1st Time In Years. And Their Relation Is Not Evident

Date May 28, 2019

There have always been certain standards of beauty. And the cinema industry is no exception. A few decades ago, one had to correspond to very specific parameters of the appearance. And now, there are plenty of renowned and sought-after actors and actresses who have a rather non-standard appearance.

Tilda Swinton is an elegant and fragile Briton with somewhat stark facial features, which however don’t make her less attractive. In her student years, she joined the theatrical Royal Shakespeare Company. Tilda’s movie and television appearances started in the mid-1980s. Unconventional and avant-garde directors enjoyed working with her.

In May of 2019, shortly after presenting her new film The Souvenir, the always-elegant Swinton attended the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. On the red carpet, the actress was accompanied by her 21-year-old daughter, Honor, who also happened to be her co-star.

This appearance was probably momentous for the actress for at least two reasons. First, she sometimes expressed sadness that her children, Honor and her twin brother Xavier, didn’t plan to follow in the footsteps of their mother. Second, Tilda as any mother couldn’t be more proud of having such a beautiful daughter.

This picture became Honor's first major acting debut. Before that, she only made a cameo appearance on the screen in 2009. In an interview with the journalists of the Huffington Post, she revealed several interesting facts about her childhood and youth. There was no TV in Tilda’s house: the children hardly saw a single movie that their peers were buzzing about. Someone could say that they were deprived, but Honor didn’t think so. According to the girl, this allowed her to later develop a taste for quality cinema of high artistic value, not just entertaining flicks.

In The Souvenir, Tilda and Honor portrayed a mother and daughter. But on the screen, the mutual understanding between them is not so obvious. In this American-British drama, the girl starts a relationship with a young man, whom her mother strongly disapproves of. It is also believed that Honor is supposed to play in the sequel.

Swinton broke up with her longtime partner and father of the twins, Scottish artist and playwright John Patrick Byrne more than 15 years ago. Since 2004, she lived with a New Zealand artist, Sandro Kopp.

Tilda could probably be called a perfect mother. Honor says she has always supported her and her brother in everything. Moreover, despite Swinton’s occupation, the children didn’t suffer any inconveniences. The woman was not involved in scandals, and her name and reputation remained untainted for decades.

Genes are so mysterious, that even children may doubt the similarity with their parents. 21-year-old Honor doesn’t look anything like her 58-year-old mother, but this is probably for the best, isn't it? This will allow the young actress to make her own way in the highly competitive world of cinema.