54-Year-Old Elizabeth Hurley Showed Her Stunning Body In A Swimsuit, Proving She's Found The Fountain Of Youth

Date June 13, 2019 12:08

British actress and film producer Elizabeth Hurley did her best to surprise, delight, and increase the army of her fans after sharing a photo in a bikini on her Instagram. Seems like nothing special for an ordinary Hollywood celebrity, but the thing here is that at the beginning of June 2019 she turned 54 and she is in perfect shape! As expected, it caused heightened interest in web users.

The actress shared the secrets of her slim body and the absence of wrinkles on the face with Women's Health magazine. She spoke openly about how she manages to look this way at her age.

First of all, Elizabeth Hurley devotes a lot of time to physical activities: yoga, Pilates, stretching, plus regular walks in the fresh air with her dogs.

The actress adheres to a healthy diet, and her morning begins with two cups of warm water.

Meditation and other relaxing therapies give a great effect.  

As you can see, nothing complicated or unusual is in the rhythm of the actress’ life, but the effect is impressive! She can now take endless photos in a bikini, without feeling shy of her appearance. On the other hand, her healthy self-esteem serves as an example to others. If Elizabeth Hurley managed to achieve such results, what prevents you from reshaping your body to the way you want to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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