9 Outfits Of Christie Brinkley That Prove You Can Look Bright And Confident Even After 65

Date May 15, 2019

Beauty knows no age. If you shine inside, your light will be visible from outside as well. This is the lifelong slogan for American supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has recently turned 65. Well, it’s impossible to disagree with her – she looks young, confident, and elegant, proving that life only starts after 60.

Just check out her most dazzling snaps, be inspired, take an example, and learn to love your life regardless of age!

1. A real lady in front of the camera – a natural!

2. Smile as a signature style

3. Shine!

4. No one has ever canceled those daring mini dresses

5. And let the whole world wait!

6. “I feel like a star in my stripes!”

7. Just before another photo session

8. Magnificent body!

9. Broadway star

Christie Brinkley still enjoys her life to the fullest, sharing the secrets of her stunning appearance and learning something new all the time. Here is a part of her interview with W Magazine:

1. What is the best advice you have ever received and from whom?

My mom always told me to smile because it “brightens up your whole face.”

2. Do you have a beauty icon?

That is too hard to say. I look up to too many people!

3. What cosmetic product would you recommend to buy?

Posh blush. Everyone needs a healthy glow!

4. What will be your look for a night out?

Eyelashes, for sure. When I add eyelashes to my look, it completely makes me feel like a “night out!"

5. What is your main rule in skin care?


6. What beauty procedure can you boast of?

Ultherapy I do it once a year!

7. Favorite way to look after yourself?

Besides the massage mentioned above, a good organic healthy meal.

Well, all we have to add is to make sure you are always in a good mood and have a sincere smile on your face – that's what makes you a beautiful woman!