Elvish, Protruding, And Others: Celebrities With The Most Unusual Ears

Date March 26, 2019 16:15

Each of us likely has some “weak points” in appearance. There are no perfect people, even among celebrities. Showbiz stars all have their flaws, but some don’t consider them to be a disadvantage and aren’t in a hurry to correct them with the help of plastic surgery. Proper hairstyle, skillful makeup, and cute hats allow them to hide everything they are unwilling to flaunt in public.

Today, we have prepared several photos of celebrities who aren’t very lucky in the ear shape department. If you have any complexes, feel free to discard them and learn from these stars to love and accept yourself as you are!

Celebrities with unusual ears

Kate Hudson

The actress has never been shy about her ears, as indicated by the ultra-short pixie haircut that she tried a couple of years ago. Even though Kate's hair got longer, she is still in no hurry to hide her protruding ears.

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Katie Holmes

The actress also seems to have never paid attention to her ears. Holmes collects her hair in a bun and prefers other hairstyles that don’t mask her “flaw.”

Angelina Jolie 

The actress’ ears look somewhat similar to those of elves. She has almost no pronounced lobes. However, this doesn’t prevent Angie from looking simply immaculate, without drawing attention to her “flaw.”

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Nicole Kidman

Unlike Jolie, Kidman has rather large lobes, and the ears are noticeably protruding. However, the celebrity is in no hurry to do otoplasty and prefers to mask the "defect" with the help of appropriate hairstyles and a few ear-locks on the forehead.

Jennifer Garner

The actress isn’t shy about her protruding ears. Paparazzi often catch her with a ponytail and other hairstyles where she collects her hair back.

Ginnifer Goodwin

The star of the Once Upon A Time series has rather large ears, but this doesn’t prevent her from wearing ultra-short haircuts and even drawing attention to her ears with the help of accessories.

By the way, did you know that our auricles are as individual as our fingerprints? This is an extra reason to appreciate our uniqueness and the features that make us special!

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