“Gained Even More Weight!”: 33-Year-Old Lana Del Rey Upset Fans With Her Appearance

Date June 5, 2019 12:46

Nowadays, weight and appearance of celebrities is one of the most popular topics in the media. Just a couple of pounds gained by a star can give rise to heated discussions on the web.

“Gained Even More Weight!”: 33-Year-Old Lana Del Rey Upset Fans With Her AppearanceGetty Images / Ideal Image

Mariah Carey knows about it from personal experience. The singer’s figure often undergoes changes. First, Mariah is showered with compliments for the curvy body, then criticized for her weight gain and revealing outfits.


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This is exactly what has recently happened to another popular singer – Lana Del Rey. The latest pictures of the 33-year-old artist, who is often called a style icon and one of the most beautiful singers of our days, has upset her fans.


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Paparazzi caught Lana in Beverly Hills without makeup and in shorts. The first thing that netizens noticed in the photo was the singer’s appearance – broad shoulders and wide hips.


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Fans are accustomed to seeing Del Rey slender, with sufficient makeup, decent hairstyle, and elegant clothes. That is why her everyday look and figure were heavily criticized. Many fans noted that Lana has gained a lot and changed beyond recognition.


She has gained a lot of extra weight.


I wish I hadn’t seen it.


Wow, that’s a lot of weight gained.

Well, sometimes, celebrities want to let down their hair a bit, too They may allow themselves to stop thinking about diets and gym at least for a while. Do you agree? Or maybe they should look after their body 24/7 not to find themselves in a situation like Lana's? Share your thoughts in the comments.