Girl Spent $157k On Her Transformation Into Barbie And Insane Doll Collection

Date April 16, 2019

Some people are ready to do almost everything just to obtain a perfect, doll-like appearance. An who else could be the benchmark of such beauty other than famous Barbie? Girls all over the world strive to imitate her, with some of the most extreme examples who will stop at nothing to fulfill their cherished dream.

Tanya Tuzova has recently become one such a Barbie-girl. This beautiful young blonde with a doll-like appearance created her own fabulous image. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming famous, and not only because of her numerous talents. No doubt, Barbie was definitely once her favorite toy, and she was able to preserve this love into adulthood, too.

Tanya isn’t just one of those who achieved popularity and recognition only with plastic surgeries. This has become a part of her daily routine, the lifestyle she feels comfortable with. She is a sought-after model, participant and moderator of various fashion events, actress, and even singer.

Showbiz occupies an important role in her life, but the girl isn’t limited only to it. Tanya has been involved in charity for many years, visited orphanages, devoted much time to caring for the kids, and took an active part in raising funds for people in need.

Tanya hardly ever leaves her bright image that everyone is so fond of. At the same time, she created it gradually: at first she lightened her hair, achieved ideal proportions with the help of sports and proper nutrition, and also used minor help of plastic surgeons.

Pink color surrounds this cheerful girl everywhere. Her clothes, cars, house interior, as well as her fantastic collection of over 1,500 Barbie dolls are all in pink. Overall, the girl has spent about $157,000 on her transformation.

Tanya regularly receives marriage proposals, but doesn’t really need them. She has been happily married to her husband, who has worked in health care for many years, and raises a son.

She has been working on her own style for a long time. She can proudly say that she has built a unique image. She has even been approved by the one who would probably be the best Barbie judge – the most famous living Ken doll, Rodrigo Alves.

Girl Spent $157k On Her Transformation Into Barbie And Insane Doll CollectionPerviy Kanal / YouTube

When the young people met for the first time the man was struck by Tanya’s beauty and authenticity.

Girl Spent $157k On Her Transformation Into Barbie And Insane Doll CollectionPerviy Kanal / YouTube

However, there is a dark side to such insane popularity as well. Modern society wants to know how much money she spends on her image, her weight and height, the number of men she has met, etc. But they're little interested in who she is as an individual and how much good she had already done.

Unfortunately, many are accustomed to sum up others by their clothes and outer appearance, not caring about what is inside the person. Tanya has worked hard on her image. And she deserves respect not for her unique appearance, but for her charity work and desire to make the world a better place. Don't you agree?