Ill Manners? Not At All! Celebs Who Don’t Hesitate To Appear In Public In The Same Outfits

Date May 7, 2019

Probably all of us have their favorite dresses or a pair of jeans that we could wear day in, day out. Well, it turns out that our favorite celebrities are no exception!

People say that going out in the same outfit twice is a vivid sign of bad manners. However, some celebs aren’t ready to part with their new outfit after the first event. These people prove by their own example that it isn’t necessary to replenish your wardrobe every time you want to appear in public.

Celebrities who don’t hesitate to go out in the same outfits

Queen Letizia

The Queen of Spain appeared in this elegant lavender dress for the first time in 2011, in the Palace of Westminster. 8 years later, Letizia tried on the outfit again, complementing it with a tiara, a bracelet, and a ribbon on her chest.

Ill Manners? Not At All! Celebs Who Don’t Hesitate To Appear In Public In The Same OutfitsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Geri Halliwell

7 years have passed between these images. During this time, the former Spice Girls member changed her hairstyle and figure, but the dress still looks impressive!

Sharon Stone

First, the Hollywood star flashed in a black dress by Roberto Cavalli at the Mardan Palace party in Antalya (Turkey) in 2009, and then at a gala evening in New York.

Kate Middleton

After almost 5 years, the Duchess of Cambridge decided to give a second life to her turquoise dress. Well, you should agree that Kate looks similarly lovely in both cases!

Jane Fonda

The star liked the black jacket with brilliant appliqué so much that she put it on twice in a year. Jane first appeared in this image at a party in Beverly Hills, and then at a Saint Laurent fashion show. However, she picked up different accessories for the events.

Rita Moreno

This American actress is a real record breaker of our compilation. Rita repeated her image 56 years later! In this case, the top half the dress became more daring.

If world celebrities care about the modest amount of clothing in their wardrobe, maybe we should think about it as well?