Jennifer Lopez And Her 5 Engagement Rings: Which One Do You Like Most?

Date March 19, 2019 17:23

The integral attribute of every engagement is the ring that the man presents to his significant other during a marriage proposal. For some it is very modest, for others it’s luxurious, but the most important thing is the sincere feelings that you reveal to a person.


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World-famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez has been married three times officially and lived through five engagements with the consequent rings. As you already know, in early March 2019, Alex Rodriguez, who has been dating J.Lo the last two years, proposed to legalize their relationship. His diamond ring, worth about $4.5 million, already shines on the singer's finger.

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We suggest recollecting and comparing the gifts from her previous partners. Is there a winner or they are all equally beautiful? Let’s find out.

Lopez received the first ring (also diamond) in 1997 from Ojani Noa, a waiter from Miami, on the eve of their wedding. The jewelry is shaped like a pear.


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Dancer Chris Judd took the second attempt in 2001, falling in love with the singer during filming. It was a brilliant-cut diamond that was definitely worth six-digits.

The third engagement ring from Ben Affleck could have embellished J.Lo's finger after the wedding scheduled for September 2003. However, four days before, the groom announced its cancellation. The couple broke up, but everyone still remembers the ring – it was a 6.1-carat pink diamond.

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Jennifer Lopez And Her 5 Engagement Rings: Which One Do You Like Most?Getty Images / Ideal Image

The ring that Jennifer received from Mark Anthony in 2004 turned out to be more successful. This time, it was a blue diamond of 8.5 carats, worth $4 million. The marriage lasted 7 years. The couple welcomed twins Maximilian and Emme.

Jennifer Lopez And Her 5 Engagement Rings: Which One Do You Like Most?Getty Images / Ideal Image

As you can see, the value of engagement rings for Jennifer Lopez is increasing. Men want to conquer the heart of the gorgeous beauty to achieve her consent.

What ring did you like the most? And what about the value itself? Does it matter to you at all? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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