Khloe Kardashian Was Criticized For The Photo Of Her Daughter Surrounded By Bags Worth $160K


March 11, 2019 17:47 By Fabiosa

Young mothers from the Kardashian clan often face criticism from all over the internet. Some of the sisters are accused of using too much Photoshop, while others are doubted in their styles of upbringing. For example, Kim was blamed for allowing her 5-year-old daughter to use decorative cosmetics.

Recently, Khloe has also been attacked by haters, even though the woman is likely to be having a hard time due to alleged rumors of a break with Tristan Thompson.

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The celebrity “it-girl” carefully monitors her appearance and strives to look immaculate, regardless of how she feels. Khloe shares a lot of her life moments even now and continues to face criticism from the same young mothers like herself. Girls from her family prefer a neat yet at the same time rather long manicure. Not so long ago, Khloe published a photo with trendy and perfect-looking nails.

People immediately began to ask how she managed to care for her daughter, in particular, to dress her and change diapers with such long nails. The opinions were divided: quite a few people stood up to defend Khloe.


they’re not even that long 😂


Against popular imbecile beliefs: you CAN, in fact, change diapers and do everything that is necessary to care for a baby while still having long nails. I’ve changed countless diapers with long nails and had no problem.

However, a few weeks since passed and Khloe “decided” it was time for another scandal. This time, she shared a picture of her baby True, taken about 4 months ago. The girl is captured surrounded by Hermès Birkin's luxurious bags, including exclusive designs made especially for her famous mother. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of this "collection" exceeded $160,000, which caused a wave of indignation on the web.

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Why the bags? Why not just a cute baby, gotta show bags n $$$?


She can do whatever she wants with her money or her daughter’s pictures. What message did you want to send to the masses? Where are the toys?


Why you put “stay humble” on your Instagram story when this pic is basically the opposite?


She’s so cute 😍😍😍

By the way, this was not the only time when Khloe photographed True with her favorite bags.

As often happens with celebrities, criticism is replaced by praise for the baby in a blink of an eye. It seemed as if people were divided into two camps: those who saw only bags, and those who saw an angel basking in maternal love. What do you think? Is there really something wrong with this photo? What is the point of photographing a child surrounded by accessories? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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