Meg Ryan, Christina Aguilera, And Other Celebrities Who Failed Their Lip Plastics

Date March 8, 2019 11:35

Sometimes, we all make mistakes and regret our decisions, and celebrities are no exception. Unsuccessful chiloplasty is a frequent phenomenon today where filler injections have gained incredible popularity. This trend doesn’t spare even the most popular stars of showbiz.

We decided to recall the most unfortunate cases when celebrities’ lips turned out to be most unfortunate. Perhaps they will make you think twice before deciding on this procedure.

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Stars who failed lip plastics

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan, Christina Aguilera, And Other Celebrities Who Failed Their Lip PlasticsGetty Images / Ideal Image

As a result of regular visits to the plastic surgeon, the popular actress has changed beyond recognition, but her lips seem to have suffered the most.

Emmanuelle Béart

The French actress has once discovered aesthetic surgery for herself. Unfortunately, the desire to reduce age has led to disastrous consequences.

Christina Aguilera

In pursuit of beauty and fashion, the singer became the owner of the infamous “duck lips.”

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Lindsay Lohan

Looking at the actress’ lips, it seems they were bitten by bees.

Melanie Griffith

When the star of the film Working Girl tries to smile, it seems she has much difficulty doing so.

Nicole Kidman

Even though the actress’ lips aren’t so big, in some photos, they look like they are about to explode.

Daryl Hannah

Here is another regular client of plastic surgeons who devoted much attention to the lips of the actress.

These celebrities remind all women that surgical intervention doesn’t always give the desired result and can often irrevocably ruin your natural beauty.

What do you think, which of these stars was the least lucky? Share your opinions in the comments!

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