No Longer A Mischievous Beauty: 57-Year-Old Meg Ryan Barely Opens Her Mouth Because Of Facelifts And Fillers

Date July 12, 2019

Probably nobody in the world is fond of aging. But in pursuit of beauty, some women seem to lose touch with reality completely.

Meg Ryan tried to preserve her beauty in the modern “fountain of youth,” but it played more than one cruel joke with her. The once pretty actress paid an enormous price for all the plastic surgeries she's undergone.

Moreover, Ryan doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes and continues to get involved in a variety of beauty procedures.

On July 1, 2019, Meg and her 15-year-old daughter Daisy True visited the Schiaparelli fashion show that was held in Paris as part of Fashion Week.

It seemed that the 57-year-old star does her best not to start crying while smiling. Many thought that the actress exaggerated with facelifts and fillers that now prevent her from fully opening her mouth.

When Ryan was laughing and talking to singer Pixie Lott, her facial expressions looked rather peculiar.

Meg is a vivid example of how the fascination with plastics can destroy not only a career but also the entire life. When the actress became addicted to beauty treatments, her appearances in movies, particularly leading roles, became much rarer.

Meg’s personal life was also full of trials. In 2016, Ryan’s partner rocker John Mellencamp left her for supermodel Christie Brinkley. Even though the woman is older than Meg, she looks much more natural.

However, some time later, the actress decided to give John a second chance.

Well, now, it's really hard to recognize that mischievous beauty that the audience adored in the 80-90s. What do you think, how far will the star go in her attempts to prolong her youth? Share your opinions in the comments!