Sylvester Stallone’s Mother Is 97! How Does She Manage To Look 20 Years Younger?

Date March 28, 2019

Celebrities’ families attract no less attention than the famous people themselves. Fans eagerly monitor the life of their spouses, children, as well as their parents. It is believed that the success of most famous men depends either on their wives or on their mothers. 97-year-old Jackie Stallone seems to have done a great job inspiring her son to lead a fruitful and extremely successful life.

Jacqueline was born in 1921 into the family of a Washington lawyer and French beauty. She has apparently inherited the mother’s gloss and charm that made her famous throughout her life.

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Since childhood, Jackie was engaged in gymnastics, athletics, and weightlifting. Eventually, she became the host of the only television program that broadcast exercises and competitions in weightlifting. Later, she opened her own gym. Apart from a television career, Jackie tried herself in various roles: before marriage, she performed as a dancer and was even a hairdresser.


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Over the years, she became a famous American astrologer, but one of her main achievements were her children: popular performer Frank, world-famous actor Sylvester, and late daughter Tony D'Alto.

Despite being the mother of three celebrities, she led a relatively quiet lifestyle. Even after the Rocky premieres hit the cinemas in 1976, few knew what Sylvester’s mother looked like.

Jackie gained wide popularity only in the mid-90s. Her books began to appear on the market, she was invited to television, and she opened her own consultation hotline.

A bright appearance has been one of Mrs. Stallone’s distinctive features. She has always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle: she is still really active and eats right. She considers the secret of her well-being regular spinach dishes in her diet.

Of course, in recent decades, Jackie's appearance has already gone far from the one that brought her so much popularity in her younger years. At one time, the woman began to fight aging with the help of fillers and also resorted to plastic surgery. Although she isn’t too happy with how her face started to look, regardless of regular beauty procedures and a balanced diet, she still feels in great shape.

It seems that age is just a number and it doesn’t determine the quality of life. Having been married three times, outlived her daughter and one of her 7 grandchildren, Jackie doesn’t forget that she is a woman who enjoys looking good. A healthy lifestyle is a crucial factor that can determine how prosperous, active, and self-sufficient you are. Jacqueline Stallone deserves our greatest respect.

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