Tragic Fate Of Donatella Versace's Daughter Who Couldn’t Find Herself After Her Famous Uncle's Passing

Date July 9, 2019

Donatella Versace is an important identity in the fashion world. After the tragic death of her famous brother, Gianni, she took over leadership of his brand and breathed new life into it. The bright woman put her talent on the altar of fashion, but she didn’t get most of the Versace empire: the late fashion designer bequeathed 50% of the company to his niece.

Allegra is the only daughter of Donatella, who also has a son, Daniel. The woman was born on June 30, 1986, and immediately plunged into the world of fashion. She visited her first show when she was just 2 days old! Although born into a very wealthy family, Allegra’s childhood and youth weren’t as cloudless as one would expect. Her mother dressed her up as a doll, but not all outfits allowed her to look like a child, as some of them were very extravagant.

She spent her school years away from the noisy streets of Milan. Both siblings were guarded 24/7, their contacts were strictly controlled, and their lives resembled an existence in an aquarium. However, her parents loved her, and the famous uncle was also fond of his cute little niece. Gianni spent a lot of time with the girl. It was believed that he instilled in her a love for art, in particular, ballet.

Since childhood, Allegra likely understood that eventually she would have to continue the family business. But she didn’t feel for it at all. She wanted to connect her life with the theater.

The first serious shock for Allegra was the death of her uncle, Gianni. The fashion designer was killed in 1997 when she was only 11 years old. Since then, she lived in total darkness for some time. At first, Allegra blamed herself for not being with Gianni. The girl was sure that she had spent too little time with him because she didn’t remember his face or voice.

Memories returned with time, but the mental balance didn’t. She was the heiress of half of the Versace empire and a huge fortune, which she should have taken possession of upon reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, Allegra decided to follow her dream and went to the States to study history of art and theater. As a student, she connected her life with cinematography. It was one of the few things that brought her real satisfaction.

There is no evidence when exactly it happened, but the girl suffered from serious eating disorders. Her parents put a lot of effort into treating her anorexia. Allegra was displeased with her own appearance for so long that she didn’t like to look at her photos or to see programs with her participation, even at a rather mature age.

Before starting to show interest in the family business, the girl worked anonymously with a foreign designer, helping him with advertising and organizing shows. In the House of Versace, Allegra’s role was also rather administrative: she didn’t interfere in design issues, leaving it to her talented mother. Moreover, the girl was rather a nominal worker who didn’t strive to make important decisions.

The young beauty preferred solitude or the company of her closest relatives. She didn’t appear in public with either men or women and didn’t give evidence of any romantic relationship.

People say that success is given to everyone in the Versace family with great difficulty, and personal happiness is even more difficult to achieve. Allegra’s secretiveness makes her all that much more intriguing, but it seems that she constantly wears a mask in public. Well, only the girl knows what is hidden behind the emotionless face of Gianni Versace’s niece.