What Does The “Guru” Think? Anna Wintour Commented On Kim Kardashian's Style

Date March 8, 2019

Probably every public person and showbiz star has both fans and critics, and Kim Kardashian is no exception.


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The name of the 38-year-old celebrity has repeatedly dazzled the headlines of hundreds of publications and social networks. At the same time, Kim is constantly under attack and ridicule from ill-wishers all over the internet.

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Some netizens criticize Kim for allegedly countless plastic surgeries, while others question her style.


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The chief editor of the American edition of Vogue, 69-year-old Anna Wintour, is a recognized guru in the fashion world. Her opinion is valued greatly. It is likely the highest punishment for a well-known public person to hear her unflattering assessment.

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In a recent interview, Wintour was asked to comment on the success and style of the Kardashian family. The Vogue editor paid special attention to Kanye West’s wife.

You have to admire how they have created an empire, obviously through their personalities, and the creative genius of their mother. How they live the way they do I can't possibly understand or fathom, living so much in the public eye, but obviously it works. I personally admire the way Kim has become a little bit more minimal in the way that she's dressing, a little bit more covered.

However, Wintour's comment that Kim began to dress more modestly was questioned greatly after recent events. Her latest public appearance presented the 38-year-old model in quite a revealing dress.


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The interview with Vogue editor-in-chief was in all likelihood recorded before these events.

What do you think? Do you agree with Anna? How would you evaluate Kim’s style? Share your opinion in the comments!

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