What Happened To The Handsome Villain From “Titanic?” The Remarkable Actor Hasn’t Changed For The Better!

Date May 10, 2019 17:17

During his career, actor Billy Zane has appeared in almost 150 films and TV shows, but most viewers remember him for his role in Titanic directed by James Cameron.


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In the Oscar-winning picture, he played the main villain – Rose’s bridegroom, millionaire Cal Hockley. Zane played this role so well that he made thousands of people on the other side of the screen loathe his character.

Billy was so handsome and charming in the role of Hockley that it earned him an MTV nomination in the Best Villain category .

In addition to Titanic, viewers could see Zane in the popular TV shows Twin Peaks and Charmed. Despite all other successful roles, the epic film of 1997 provided him the most fame and recognition.


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More than 20 years have passed since the movie’s premiere. During this time, the leading actors have changed a lot, and Billy Zane is no exception.

In 2018, the 53-year-old actor was spotted on holiday in Greece. Looking at the pictures, it is now difficult to recognize handsome Cal. Zane has gained a lot of extra weight and got visibly older. Moreover, his recognizable haircut was replaced with complete baldness.

Billy still continues to star in films, but these movies usually don’t receive successful reviews from viewers and critics. Perhaps, the further development of his career was influenced by Titanic, after which the actor was perceived only as a villain.

Well, no one has power over time. Did you immediately recognize a charming scoundrel in the man on the beach? Share your impressions in the comments.