What Ivanka Trump Looked Like As A Cute Little Girl

Date June 11, 2019

The eldest daughter of the 45th US President has always stayed in the spotlight since her youth. And that is not surprising: Ivanka grew up in the family of a successful and influential business tycoon, who was also constantly in sight. Trump's older children were also of great interest when he left his first wife for the younger Marla Maples.

What Ivanka Trump Looked Like As A Cute Little GirlGetty Images / Ideal Image

After Donald settled in the White House, Ivanka became even more public because she officially began working for the US government. Naturally, this affected her behavior and style: she quickly turned into an elegant lady who tried to look the best in any situation. But would you recognize her in rare child photos?

What Ivanka Trump Looked Like As A Cute Little Girl-Getty Images / Ideal Image

Old child celebrity images have always been of great interest to the public. In particular, if there is very little information about the youth years of this famous person. For example, as in the case of Melania Trump.

The hype has once also been strong around the Duchess of Sussex. As soon as Meghan Markle was presented as Prince Harry’s official bride, millions of people began to look for any information about the girl who was little known in Europe.

But let’s get back to the subject of our story. Ivanka was born on October 30, 1981, as the middle child of Ivana and Donald Trump. Today, her appearance harmoniously combines the features of her parents. By the way, Ivanna was a popular sought-after Czech model, but judging by early photos, Ivanka used to look more like dad.

As is often the case, with age, her features began to change. Over the years, the girl became more like her mother.

Due to either good genetics, or a healthy and active lifestyle, Ivanka has always been slender. At the same time, she still had sweet puffy cheeks in her youth. Few people can remember her like this.

Ivanka received an excellent education in the field of economics. However, being attractive and self-confident, she began to build a modeling career before obtaining a diploma. Well, she was probably following her mother’s footsteps. By the way, Melania also worked in the fashion industry before her marriage.

Ivanka appeared in several glossies, repeatedly walked down the catwalk, gradually refining her elegant style. Having received a decent education, the girl decided to put an end to her modeling career. She worked in companies specializing in real estate and jewelry, opened her own business, and became a writer.

From March 2017, Ivanka has worked as assistant to her father-president. By the way, she does so without any salary, becoming the "first daughter" of the country and the confidant of its leader.

Can you distinguish the adorable little girl in this charming lady now? Do you think Ivanka has changed a lot since then? Share your thoughts in the comments.