Why Alex Rodriguez Broke Up With Cameron Diaz And What J.Lo Should Also Be Afraid Of

Date March 20, 2019 16:42

The news of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s engagement in March 2019 was quite unexpected, although fans of both celebrities were confident that marriage was just a matter of time for the couple. The former baseball shortstop presented the world-popular singer a luxury ring that turned out to be the most expensive she had ever received.


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Their romantic affairs began in 2017, just after failed relationships with other people.

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Since we have already talked about the canceled marriage of J.Lo and Ben Affleck, we decided to recall another couple that didn’t meet their fans’ expectations: Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz.

The handsome athlete has always been popular with women. He was married to Cynthia Scurtis, with whom he raised two daughters, Natasha and Ella. There is no confirmation of the reason for the divorce. Rumors say it was either Alex’s cheating or emotional conflict between the spouses.

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Already in 2009, Rodriguez was spotted with Bethany Frankel, and some time later, with Kate Hudson. When Alex first appeared in public with Cameron Diaz in 2010, skeptics believed that this relationship was bound to also be fleeting. However, they were together for over a year, and fans of both began to talk about a possible wedding. Nevertheless, the celebrities broke up. What went wrong?

Despite the publicity, the baseball player and Hollywood star didn’t seek to inform people of the details of their relationship. There were no major scandals, and their union seemed harmonious and calm. Rumor has it, while dating with Cameron, Alex began building a house, which intensified the anticipation of a wedding announcement.

When one of the most mysterious star couples officially fell apart, it was said that the incompatibility of their work schedules was likely the culprit. They just couldn’t spend enough time together. So tedious, but tragic nonetheless.

What is going to happen to Rodriguez and Lopez’s relationship? This time, the publicity seemed inevitable considering how often the couple appears at various social events.


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According to Prevention, psychologists consider this union rather promising. They claim that people who start to build a serious relationship after 40 are more experienced and passion is much less important than in youth.

Such people are more positively inclined, tend to look for quick and practical solutions to problems, and perceive their common goal differently than younger couples. They no longer need to think about the need to have children, and their work schedules slow down, giving them the opportunity to spend more time together.


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Such couples argue that love can be found at any age, regardless of how many failed romantic affairs there were in the past. What do you think? How would you rate J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez’s prospects? Share your opinions in the comments!

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