Why Do Many Handsome Wealthy Men Have Such Mediocre Wives?

Date June 4, 2019

People tend to claim that they don’t love others for their looks. But they still continue to be surprised when they meet a couple made of "a handsome man and an ordinary woman." After that, you may come up with a logical question: how come such couples live happily?

Why Do Many Handsome Wealthy Men Have Such Mediocre Wives?By /

Psychologists have several explanations for this:

  • men are afraid of associating their lives with a bright and catchy person that attract the attention of other women;
  • men feel calm when a woman doesn’t exceed them in career, business, and wealth;
  • men find women’s spiritual qualities more important than external characteristics;
  • men want to relax at home, and not to be always on edge because of deciding who is the head of the family.

Why Do Many Handsome Wealthy Men Have Such Mediocre Wives?-Vadim Zakharishchev /

This makes sense because these couples do stay together for a very long time, despite criticism and rumors. For example, many are puzzled by the union of actor Vincent Perez and former model Karine Silla. Apparently, there are unifying moments that the general public doesn’t need to know about. They have been together since 1998 and welcomed 4 beautiful children.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996, despite a 13-year difference in age. The couple adopted two children.

Handsome actor Josh Holloway surprised the public with a marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Yessica Kumala in 2004. Today, the couple is raising two children and doesn't heed any haters.

Have you paid attention to a similar trend among celebrity couples? Maybe you also prefer to judge people by their inner world, not their looks? Share your thoughts in the comments.