Why Jodie Foster Let Her Veteran Father Die In Poverty While Living In A Nearby Multi-Million Villa


June 11, 2019 14:55 By Fabiosa

Relationships between parents and children aren’t always flawless. Usually, problems arise on the basis of a different worldview, a conflict of generations, attention neglect, etc. Often, close people establish a connection and develop a bond, but this isn’t a guarantee that they will reach complete mutual understanding.

Jodie Foster was born into a wealthy family on November 19, 1962. She was the youngest of four children. Her father, who came from a wealthy Chicago family with Irish roots, Lucius Fisher Foster III, was already married for the second time, with three sons from the first union. The man had graduated from Yale University. He was a respected veteran. During World War II, he served as a pilot. However, he left Foster’s family even before Jodie’s birth, whose first name is actually Alicia. Her mother, together with her father, raised her older sisters, brother, and Jodie herself.

She debuted in cinema with the movie Taxi Driver at 14, playing a girl of easy virtue that earned her an Oscar nomination. But global fame came to her later, after the release of such films as The Accused (1988) and The Silence of the Lambs (1992). She refused to star in the sequel of the thriller about Hannibal Lecter, arguing that the first part had a strong impact on her mental health.

However, it didn’t have a negative influence on her career. Foster performed greatly in the films Sommersby, Maverick, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Elysium, and many more. Jodie’s personal life also deserves particular attention. Having never been married, she gave birth and raised two sons, and in 2007, when same-sex relationships were still considered something unnatural and indecent, she publicly declared her unconventional orientation and later dated mainly women.

Foster never really established a bond with her father, who had abandoned her before birth. At the same time, she sometimes appeared with him in public. Probably the final straw was the conviction of the former veteran at the end of 2011. You may think that the man lived a careless life with the financial support of his daughter, as was often the case with the relatives of celebrities.

But in fact, everything was different. Using his daughter’s name, Foster tried to turn a huge real estate fraud. According to some reports, he managed to deceive more than 20 investors by luring money from them to build houses in the San Fernando Valley, which never happened. Moreover, he concluded contracts without a license, which was also severely punished by the laws of the states.

Jodie's fortune was estimated to be far from one million dollars, but she didn’t do anything to help her father. That was probably revenge for the way he treated her in childhood and misusing her reputation that Foster had been earning for years.

The last years before his death in October 2016, Lucius lived in poverty. He was huddled in a one-room apartment just a few miles from Jodie's multi-million dollar villa. According to some media reports, by the time of his release, he hadn’t seen his daughter for about 15 years, who didn’t help him during the calm periods of his life. Lucius Fisher III suffered from Alzheimer's disease, as well as heart and lung problems.

Child-and-parent differences are inevitable. What do you think? Will Jodie reproach herself for ignoring her father and letting him die in poverty? Share your thoughts in the comments.